Why ipc?


More than 25 years of experience in crafting wonderful travel memories. Founded in 1997, IPC Travel has been closely working with international schools in organizing their study trips and outdoor activities for the last 25 years. We have grown from strength to strength over the years delivering a brand of services that few can equate with, matched by a compelling need to deliver a highly personalized level of care and dedication.



Inspired by and aligned to the UN Sustainable goals all our educational travel programs are geared towards delivering experiences that meets your students’ service and academic goals. Almost 100000 students have travelled with us to 20+ destinations across the world. Students work alongside our partners to tackle global issues and make a genuine impact with a series of exciting volunteer team challenges.



In the realm of the Travel experiences where ‘every’ moment counts, We boast of most innovative summer travel programs for middle and high school students, customized teacher-led trips for school groups, and gap year semesters for recent high school grads. Our long-established partnership with local community partners at every destination help us to design and deliver unique travel experiences that are sustainability customized for students.



Our unrivalled operational excellence goes above and beyond the norm. Every year more than 30,000+ students and teachers travel with us across the world destinations. We never compromise on the safety of our participants. Through consultation with world’s renowned safety experts and adoption of industry best practices, we constantly enhance our risk assessment and crisis management.