Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. For those who are driven to make the world a better place, traveling is a great way to get most out of them and touch lives.

Our Inspiration

Young people do have the power to change the world. As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon once explained his faith in youth saying “Young people are gifted with open minds… and are bringing their energy, ideas and courage to some of the most complex and important challenges facing the human family. They often understand better than older generations that we can transcend our religious and cultural differences in order to reach our shared goals.”

The best message we can tell our kids is to believe, “You can”. We want to help them harness the power of their ideas, because when they do, they will tap into their biggest, boldest dreams—and transform our world for the better. We believe service learning is a powerful to shape tomorrow’s leader, which teach students to use academic knowledge and skills to address community needs. When kids travel with us, they learn their awesome power to make a positive difference.

We have partnered with several organizations across 20+ countries that bring service learning to schools across the globe. Our travel programs provide opportunities to youth to take action on pressing global issues such as gender equality, clean water and sanitation, quality education, poverty, hunger and much more.

We believe good starts young. It is our endeavor to make sure youth around the country have the opportunity to learn leadership, critical thinking and collaboration skills; build character and confidence; achieve academic success; and become more engaged citizens.

Let’s encourage young people and give them the tools they need to succeed!

UN Sustainable Development Goals

At IPC Travel, we always advocate for responsible travel. We offer bespoke educational travel programs that benefit the host community and minimize our impact on the environment. Our travel programs are designed to inculcate critical thinking among the students through active community engagement. Students who travel with us experience immense personal growth while playing a significant role during projects that align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

About the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

In September 2015, UN countries adopted the 17 sustainable development goals(SDGs) as part of the sustainable development agenda. The UN SDGs aim to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address global issues, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation and more. They are interconnected and they ensure we leave no one behind. The United Nations aims to achieve all 17 goals by 2030.

Creating Global Citizens

Today, there are 1.8 billion people between the ages of 10-24—they are the largest generation of youth in history. We need to engage young people on issues that affect our world, empower them to rise their voice and mobilize their support to bring a change. By championing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), we spread the awareness of the importance of sustainable development, so that students can apply the knowledge in their personal lives, thus becoming responsible global citizens.

Supporting the UN SDGs

Our community projects are catered for students and are designed to address the UN SDGs. Students will learn about the different UN SDGs during the project while having the opportunity to help the host country they are in. Having hands-on experience will further reinforce what they have learnt and they will also get to experience another culture, building their cultural awareness.

Available Programs

We have numerous service learning programs and they can also be customized to suit your school’s learning objectives. Each program addresses a few UN SDGs and it can include an element of physical activity, as well as time spent to help a community in need. We aim to achieve all UN SDGs through our programs.

Want to learn more? Get in touch and we can design a fully customized program for your students.

Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person find identify, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning.— Ron Miller- Pioneer in Holistic Education

Being a Rotarian, the IPC’s founder wants to instill the ROTARY 4 WAY SKILLS to all students across the globe.

  • Is it the trust?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendship?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned parties?

Our travel programs offer experiential learning and center education on the relationships that youth created with each other. These relationships form the core of the educational environment. All our educational travel programs emphasis on the whole growth of a learner; they deemphasize materialism while promote growth in all areas of the human experience: intellectual, emotional, social and so forth. We promote balanced relationships between not only people, but between people and their environment. Taken all together, our school travel programs emphasize democratic learning, emotional health, and relationship growth to a far greater degree than the traditional learning environment.

School Programs

We are expert in customizing school travel programs to various international schools

1. CAS (Creativity,Activity and Service) for IB

CAS Trips is inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB) program’s 7 Learning Outcomes. CAS Trips are designed by IB educators whose expert knowledge on IB pedagogy enhances CAS trips by integrating the IB curriculum with the necessary real-world skills.

In order to demonstrate the three strands of CAS concept – creativity, activity and service, students are required to undertake a CAS Project at the end of each CAS trip. The project challenges students to:

  • Show initiative
  • Demonstrate perseverance
  • Develop skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making.

In all our student tours we integrate reflection with learning. Through workshops and discussions we provide windows of opportunity for students and educators to share thoughtful reflection. This helps our youth to “think globally, act locally” ensuring continued lifelong learning beyond a specific CAS project.

Our CAS trips enable students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience. They are both challenging and enjoyable – a personal journey of self discovery.

If you are looking to customize a school trip based on IB learning outcomes or subject curriculum, we will love to work it out for you.


Chandresh Singh(MSc , PhD)

He has about 20 years of experience in tourism industry in Academic as well as Corporate world. He specializes in designing programs for Cultural, Spiritual and Educational groups by blending important attractions with vivid components of destinations to make tourism interesting for visitors and sustainable for the locals.

He is passionate about mainstreaming sustainability in Tourismindustry globally at all levels, so tourism can be an activity with lowest possible foot print and maximum possible dissemination of income among local communities.

Mr RajKumar(CEO)

Having been in the hospitality industry for the last 30 years, our CEO Mr RajKumar feels that there is a strong need to advocate sustainability in our daily Practices. Building the awareness among the stakeholders and client, let it be students going on a learning journey or corporate companies going on a CSR trip, he is working closely with the Sustainable Goals SGDs which is a United Development Programs in ensuring a better future for all.